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Ensure SharePoint User with Power Automate

 I had to set custom permission and grant access to some users based on their email address. All those users were member of the organization so they exist in our Azure Active directory (AAD). B ut, to set this permission, user must exist in the SharePoint information list too. So I used a function named:  EnsureUser . As its name suggests, this function ensures there is a record of the current user in the user information list in the current Site collection. To call this function with Power Automate, I used the Send HTTP request SharePoint Connector like below. Site address : Your site address. Method : POST URI : _api/web/ensureuser Header :  Accept: application/json;odata=verbose Content-Type: application/json;odata=verbose Body:  { 'logonName': 'i:0#.f|membership|' } If the HTTP call is successful, the output will  give you: User id (from the user information list) User name (property Title ) User email UPN (User Principal Name) Is admin of cu