What is M365 ?

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Microsoft 365
Also know as M365 is a set of Microsoft products that mostly work on Azure cloud. It unleashes user productivity, makes asset management easier, brings tools to increase security.
This subscription offer is a package of three core elements:
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Office 365
  • Enterprise mobility + Security
You probably know most of these products, but just in case let me give you a reminder and some details.

Windows 10 Enterprise
As of July 2020, this is the latest and most advanced Microsoft client operating system. His security is improved with tools like Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP client) Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC). Microsoft provides security and features fix every month, new features are released every semester. Like so, work stations are always up to date and protected. They call this new life cycle: Windows As A Service (WAAS).

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Office 365
Also named O365 is the Microsoft productivity suite with enhanced cloud capabilities.
Users will be able to create, share, collaborate, manage content across organization and even externally.
Companies that subscribe to this service always have the latest version of the following products:
  • Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Outlook/Exchange online
  • Microsoft Team
  • SharePoint online
  • Yammer
  • OneDrive
  • Power BI Pro (according to subscription level)

Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft defines EMS as an intelligent mobility management and security platform. EMS gives control and flexibility from managing users, devices, applications and data. It can define who can access your resources from what device according to your rules set. It is even possible to manage devices out of your network. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, will give you alerts, tips and insights to fight against threat and help you to keep your environment compliant.

The whole thing together.
With M365, you have access to Microsoft cloud ecosystem using any device (PC, Mac, iPhone or Android), from anywhere at any time. You can create, collaborate, share content to anyone (according to your firm policies). You always have the latest product features. Using EMS, Administrator can assess devices, data criticality and identity. Intelligent tools can provide insight and help to secure and monitor your company digital estate.

Why would you extend M365
M365 provides very high compliance and availability standard. Most fortune 500 companies lay on it or Azure for some of their services. This product offers a huge panel of possibility that is provided to every firm according to their subscription plan. Since each company has his own processes, his own values, his own identity, they need to customize their M365 in order to things their way, bring more added value, and their spread vision.


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