Deploy SPFX web part to only one Site Collection

Most of the time, when you deploy a custom web part that you made or a third party one, it becomes available for any user of your SharePoint. This means collaborator can edit a page and install the custom web part into it then every user with access to your site can use it. There is a centralize place where administrator can deploy those applications and give access to them. This place is called Tenant App catalog. Basically, this is a site collection that has been designed to host web parts and related resources.

Tenant App Catalog

However, you may want to deploy your custom application only to a specific site collection. Instead of using the Tenant Catalog Site, you will need to create a Site Collection App Catalog in the site collection of your choice. To do so, you will need to run the following PowerShell command:


Then deploy your App like you would in the App Tenant Catalog. 

Keep in mind  

  • This does not prevent your app to query other site collection.
  • There is no dashboard or report to monitor Site Collection App Catalogs, so you need to track them by yourself. 
  • Assets files will be stored in the site collection where the web part is deployed.


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